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Pomona's Wrestling Warriors: Triumph at the 2023 Super 32 Tournament

In the fiercely competitive world of youth and high school wrestling, the Super 32 tournament in Greensboro, North Carolina, stands as the ultimate proving ground. T

his event draws budding wrestling champions from across the United States, ready to test their skills and resilience on the grand stage. Recently, Pomona's wrestling team brought their A-game to the tournament, with 15 dedicated warriors embodying their motto: "Who works harder than you? Nobody. How do you feel? Like a Champion!"

Champions of the Mat

Pomona's rising stars took the tournament by storm, showcasing their talent and grit:

Kaleb Millz - 8U 45lb Champion: Kaleb's journey to the championship was nothing short of epic. With a perfect 3-0 record, he demonstrated not just his wrestling skills but also his indomitable spirit. The finals delivered a thrilling 3-2 victory after an ultimate tie-breaker, solidifying Kaleb's status as a champion.

Urijah Gomez - 11U 65lb Champion: In what was perhaps the tournament's deepest and most competitive weight class, Urijah made his mark. The 18-man bracket featured numerous Tulsa National Champions and placers, making Urijah's victory all the more impressive. He boasted an impeccable 5-0 record, securing wins via fall, major decision, and decision, all while keeping his opponents from scoring a single point against him. In the finals, Urijah delivered a stellar performance against a formidable PA Champ, earning a decisive 5-0 victory and his second Super 32 Title. A remarkable achievement to add to his previous victory in the 8U division – Urijah Gomez is now a 2X Super 32 Champion!

Champions Who Left Their Mark

While the champions shone brightly, several Pomona wrestlers achieved recognition with their placements:

Ignacio - HS 6th Place: In the fierce high school division, Ignacio showcased his growth and determination, securing a hard-fought 6th place finish.

Justice - Girls 3rd Place: Justice, a force to be reckoned with in the girls' division, secured an impressive 3rd place. Her journey exemplified dedication and talent.

Dustin - Middle School 7th Place: Dustin's 7th place finish in the middle school category was the result of unwavering commitment and progress.

Zane - 8U 6th Place: Zane's performance in the 8U division deserves applause, as he secured a 6th place finish in a division teeming with future wrestling champions.

The Unsung Warriors

Let's not forget the champs who may not have claimed titles but who played an integral role in Pomona's Super 32 campaign. JJ, Knox, Czarlie, Lance, Josiah, Persaeus, Angel, Dante, and Derek exhibited commendable sportsmanship and faced formidable opponents.

Pomona's commitment to nurturing young wrestling talent and fostering a culture of hard work and dedication was on full display at the 2023 Super 32 tournament. The champions and participants, regardless of their medals, epitomize the essence of the motto: "How do you feel? Like a Champion!" Their passion and unwavering commitment promise a bright future for Pomona wrestling.

As we reflect on Pomona's journey at the 2023 Super 32 tournament, we salute the indomitable spirit of these young wrestling champions. Their determination, resilience, and unwavering commitment inspire us all. The future of wrestling is undoubtedly in the capable hands of these warriors, and we eagerly anticipate their next triumphs on the mat. The Kickoff Classic is Pomona's next challenge coming up here in the next few weeks down in Tulsa, OK.

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